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VINYL GUARD® gives Long Life UV Protection to Exterior and Interior New and Older Marine Vinyl. It Protects Boat Seats and Boat Upholstery Against UV, Mold, Suntan Lotions, Human Skin Oils, Food and Beverage Stains, Bird Feces and more.


  • Non-Greasy Formula. No Dangerous Slipping and Sliding on Seats. Safe for Clothes; No Oily Stains.
  • Not slimy when wet.
  • Save Time and Money. Once a Season Protection Lasts 15 Times Longer than oil protectors.
  • Proven: Best protection forVinyl Seats, Trim and Tops.
  • Each Application Restores Lost Plasticizers. You’ll Love the Luxurious Feel and Enhanced Color of Your Vinyl.


VINYL GUARD™ clear, boat vinyl protector, gives your boat vinyl long life protection Against UV, Mold, Dirt, Grime, Diesel Soot, Stains, Bird Droppings and More. Used by professional repair shops and dealers, our boat vinyl protector will give you Guaranteed Results. VINYL GUARD™ is safe to use on Marine Vinyl (not for use on woven vinyl fabric). VINYL GUARD is easy to keep clean; just rinse with a garden hose and dry or for tough dirt, wet, spray on some EZ Vinyl Cleaner, wash, rinse and dry.

Ideal for:
Protecting Boat Seats, Boat Trim and Boat Tops.

Non-Greasy Formula - No dangerous slip-sliding around & it won't stain your clothes with oily or greasy transfer.

Exclusive Double Barrier:
The first barrier penetrates deep into the fabric to restore resilience, suppleness and color. The second barrier remains on the surface to resist penetration and deterioration by UV, Ozone, mold, suntan lotion, grime, water, staining, pollutants, bird feces and more.

Vinyl must be Clean & Dry before applying VINYL GUARD®. EZ VINYL CLEANER® is required to prep surfaces for Guaranteed Results.

How to Protect Boat Vinyl? It's Fast & Easy!

  1. Clean your vinyl with EZ Vinyl Cleaner.
  2. When dry, wipe the 1st sealer coat of Vinyl Guard on with a damp sponge or cloth and allow to dry.
  3. Apply second top coat the same way and allow to dry.
  4. Enjoy your Beautiful, Low Maintenance, Luxurious vinyl all season long.

Stop the Mold Gremlins from ruining your vinyl Restores Color & Suppleness Restores Water-Proofing on Leaky Vinyl Trims
germ vinyl cleaning cleaning vinyl

Vinyl Guard Comparison
Why You'll Love It!
  • Fast and Easy to Use: Wipe On and Let Dry
  • Luxurious Shine. Adds Value to Your Boat
  • Save Money. Once a Season Application. Doubles the Life of Your Vinyl
  • Protects Against Dirt, Grime, Diesel Soot, Stains, Bird Droppings and More
  • Made from Space Age Polymer - Does NOT Contain Silicone or Wax
  • Safe: Non Carcinogenic. No PTFE. No PFOA
  • Safe for Marine Vinyl
  • Will NOT Attack Stitching
  • Not Greasy: No Dangerous Slip Sliding Around
  • Won't Stain Clothing
  • Advanced UV Inhibitors: Protect Against Sun Damage, Chalking, Fading
  • 2 Coats Provides 4-6 Months of Boating Season Protection
  • Guaranteed Results
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The loss of plasticizers is a natural phenomenon but can be accelerated by UV, Infrared, airborne pollutants or improper cleaners or protectors. The loss can be retarded, and the useful life of vinyl extended by application of a protector that restores the plasticizers such as Vinyl Guard. Regular use has been proven to double the life of vinyl. This applies to vinyl seats, trim and tops.

    If your vinyl feels dried out or is faded and tired lookingtry washing with EZ Vinyl Cleaner. Wet the surface firs, spray on EZ Vinyl Cleaner, use a scrub brush to get into the recesses, rinse well and let dry. Then, apply 2 coats of Vinyl Guard. You should feel an immediate difference. It will be slight at first but re-cleaning and application every 2 to 3 months should increase the suppleness and flexibility. if this does not work there are no other options and you will have to replace the top.

  • Snow storms do not cause mould and mildew, excess humidity. fungi spores, dirt or soil, warmth and shadedoes. Mould spores are everywhere in the atmosphere and will settle and start to grow on damp soiled surfaces or in a humid atmosphere. You can use EZ Vinyl Cleaner to safely remove it from your upholstery and any other soft surface. If you have it on hard surfaces, use Boat Scrub. Mold stains are indelible and are difficult or impossible to remove so it’s best to prevent them.

    You can protect vinyl upholstery from permanent damage and staining by applying 2 coats of Vinyl Guard to the surface. It will make the mold easier to remove and prevent staining. Use Premium Boat Shine on hard surfaces or Sure Step on your non skid decks.

    The mold will return unless you keep the surfaces clean and dry. The cleaning products mentioned above will do the cleaning, but you should do something to get better air circulation. If the boat is tarped, pull the tarp out from opposing sides or attach a block or tube between the boat and tarp so that air will flow through from one side to the other. If it's shrink wrapped, you can get plastic vents that are inserted into the plastic, allowing air to flow through, but preventing rain and snow from getting in. You will need a minimum of 2 on opposing sides of the boat for good through flow of air.

    Make sure that hatches, companion ways or port holes under the tarp or shrink wrap are open to allow air inside the boat.

    If you have electricity to your boat, installing a dehumidifier or a small fan to keep the air moving will be very helpful. Also installing low wattage incandescent light bulbs, 40 to 60 watts in each cabin or compartment will provide enough warmth to keep the boat dry. Other alternatives are using desiccants like Silica Gel, Powdered Zeolite or Active Alumina to dry out the air. Avoid the salt type of desiccant because they give off a corrosive gas that will cause corrosion and rusting to the metals in your boat and may also damage the upholstery.

  • First of all; Do Not Use Bleach to remove stains from vinyl. You can cause permanent damage.

    When left too long, mold stainpenetrate into the vinyl and become indelible. You will have to replace that section of vinyl or live with the stain, but before you do, here are a few things you can try. You have little to lose.

    The solution used by most professionals for tough spots on vinyl is a 50/50 solution of EZ Vinyl Cleaner and Boat Scrub. Try rubbing away the stain with this solution using a cloth or a small scrub brush. If this lightens the stain, try exposing the stained section to the sun, as much as possible for several weeks. UV has been known to bleach almost everything. The sun damage should be minimal, and it will help remove the stain.

    Afterwards, wash again with EZ Vinyl Cleaner and protect with Vinyl Guard.

  • Mold and mildew require moisture, food, a constant temperature, calm air and shade or darkness to grow and flourish. If you remove any, or preferably as many as possible of these prerequisites, you will eliminate your mold problem. The other problem is that if left unchecked, mold and mildew will penetrate the surface and in some cases the resulting stain is indelible and can not be removed. This is especially the case with vinyl seats. Using the right protectors will reduce the chance of permanent damage and make future cleaning much easier.

    To solve your immediate problems, wash the fiberglass swim platform with Boat Clean Plus and water, using a scrub brush. While still wet, squirt some Boat Scrub on the swim platform and scrub again in all 6 directions. If any stains still remain, mix a 50/50 solution of Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub and scrub the areas that are stained until the stain is gone. Rinse well and dry or air dry in the sun. Boat manufacturers use these products to resolve warranty issues.

    When the surface is dry, apply 2 coats of Sure Step. This will seal the pores in the gelcoat, leave a protective surface that will resist mold, protect against UV, put a nice shine on the platform and will give you some added traction, especially when the platform is wet. It will also make the swim platform much easier to clean.

    To clean the seats, first spray EZ Vinyl Cleaner, full strength onto the mold and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Wet the seats with water and spray EZ Vinyl Cleaner, full strength onto the seats. Scrub the seats with a scrub brush to clean the indentations in the pattern and rinse clean. If stains still remain, scrub these areas with a 50/50 solution of EZ Vinyl Cleaner and Boat Scrub, until the stain is removed. If stains still remain, uncover the boat and let the sun get at the seats for a couple of weeks. Sun acts as natural bleach. If the stain still remains then they will have to be recovered. Chlorine bleach, aggressive solvents etc. will remove the stain but ruin the vinyl in the process, so you will have to recover.

    When the seats are dry, apply 2 coats of Vinyl Guard. Vinyl Guard is not greasy or slippery and is a double barrier protection system. One part penetrates into the vinyl to restore the plasticizers and make the vinyl feel more luxurious. The second remains on the surface and protects your vinyl against mold staining, UV, suntan lotion, food spills and stains. In your area it will last about 3 months before you need to wash with EZ Vinyl Cleaner and re-apply.

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  • Once vinyl and rubber becomes sticky it’s usually a sign that the damage is irreparable, however if the materials are not too badly damaged, Speed Clean may remove the sticky surface. It’s worth a try before you replace these items, but no guarantees. If it works, you have saved yourself the expense of replacing these items. If you do get it off, be sure to protect the surfaces with Vinyl Guard to reduce the chance of reoccurrence. Vinyl Guard will restore some of the lost plasticizers which will help protect the vinyl and rubber.

    From your description it sounds like something was applied to the surface which caused a migration of the plasticizers out of the material which in turn led to degradation from UV rays from the sun. Some of the causes of this type of damage are using the wrong cleaners or protectors, suntan oil and insect repellents. If the driver used sun blocker or suntan oil on his arm and rubbed it on the vinyl, this would explain why the side panel was damaged. In future clean the vinyl with EZ Vinyl Cleaner and apply several coats of Vinyl Guard to all of the vinyl and rubber to prevent this from happening again. Vinyl Guard is different than other protectors. It uses new polymer technology instead of solvents. It’s not greasy or slippery and will protect against suntan oil and sun blocker damage as well as UV, food and beverage spills etc.

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Regular use of VINYL GUARD® will extend the life and appearance of vinyl seats, tops and trim. VINYL GUARD® is not greasy and won’t stain clothes when used on seats.

VINYL GUARD’S unique double barrier system gives long life protection to interior and exterior vinyl. The first coat penetrates deep into the fabric to restore resiliency, suppleness and color. The second barrier remains on the surface to resist penetration and deterioration by mildew, sun tan oil, grime, water, staining, pollutants, sun and ozone.

Vinyl must be clean and dry before applying VINYL GUARD®. Clean vinyl with EZ VINYL CLEANER®. Pour VINYL GUARD® onto damp sponge or cloth and apply evenly in long overlapping strokes. Allow to dry. Apply second coat. Allow to dry.



In case of eye contact, flush with water.

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