$5 Off Inflatable Boat Maintenance Kit

“Seamax exclusively uses Aurora Speedclean and Polyguard for all the PVC and Hypalon inflatable boats that we manufacture and sell. Seamax and it’s dealers recommend that all new boats be treated with Speedclean and Polyguard prior to their first use.”

Owner of Seamax Marine

“Goin Fishin! Hard to believe this is a 4 yr old boat. It looks brand new. Here are some pictures of my SeaBright Inflatable. I just finished the cleaning and bottom protection and the UV protection…”

Christopher Bice

Don’t Panic!

You Too Can Restore Your RIB in less than 59 mins.

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SAVE $5.00 Off Aurora Inflatable Boat Maintenance Kit

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Save $5 on Inflatable Boat Maintenance Kit
Marine Power Mitt


  • Synthetic Fiber Scrub Mitt.
  • Turbo Charges Boat Cleaning Action Reduces Effort & Fatigue.
  • Will Not Scratch Fiberglass or Paint.


  • Easy to Use: Spray, wipe or scrub & Rinse Clean.
  • Works Quickly to clean dirt, grime and stains.
  • Use on all surfaces: Hypalon, Orca, PVC, Polyurethane, Rubber, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Chrome.
  • Safe for all Inflatable Boats and RIB’s.

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  • New Discovery: Removes Algae, Barnacles & Zebra Mussels from Inflatables.
  • Easy to Use: Spray or Roll On & Rinse Clean.
  • Will not attack fabric or seams.
  • Cleans Polyurethane, Hypalon, PVC & Fiberglass.
  • Works Chemically so You Don’t Have To.
  • Environment Safe – Biodegradable.

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  • Super-Hydrophobic, Non-Fouling Bio-Release Barrier.
  • Prevents Osmosis Blisters and Protects Against the Attachment of Algae, Barnacles & Zebra Mussels.