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SHINY BOAT KIT® can make your fiberglass boat look new again, and you will love the shine on your boat. SHINY BOAT KIT® will help you polish, clean and restore your fiberglass boat. Using MARINE POWER MITT® reduces cleaning effort and saves you time.

SHINY BOAT KIT® includes:

PREMIUM BOAT SHINE® - 100% Synthetic Boat Polish that Bonds to the Surface for Long Life, UV Protection that's Diamond Hard and Anti-Static to Repel Dirt and protect your gelcoat. It doesn't have boat wax that will turn yellow on your boat.

BOAT CLEAN PLUS® - Cleans Everything! Replaces Over 25 Different Boat Cleaners. Water-Activated Cleaner / Degreaser.

BOAT SCRUB® - Deep Cleans and Deoxidizes your Fiberglass Boat. Restores Color and Removes Impossible Stains, Chalk, Rust, Yellowing.

MARINE POWER MITT® - The Perfect Boat Cleaning Accessory to use with Aurora Boat Care Products.


Everything You Need for a Shiny Boat!

Make your boat shine with our SHINY BOAT KIT®. Our kit is Used by Professional Repair Shops and Dealers and you will have Guaranteed Results with our SHINY BOAT KIT®.


BOAT CLEAN PLUS® Cleaner / Boat Degreaser
BOAT SCRUB® Deoxidizer / Boat Restorer
PREMIUM BOAT SHINE® Polish / Boat Protectant
MARINE POWER MITT® The Perfect Boat Cleaning Accessory for Boats.

Premium Boat Shine
The Once a Year Boat Polish!
Synthetic Boat Polish with UV Inhibitors for a Brilliant Shine with the Best Protection & Longest Life. There is No Carnauba Wax ingredient so your boat is safe from yellow stains.
Boat clean Plus
Cleans Everything!
Replaces Over 25 Different Cleaners. Water-Activated Cleaner / Degreaser. Safe for All Surfaces. Environment Safe.
Learn More About BOAT CLEAN PLUS®
Boat Scrub
No. 1 Fiberglass Cleaner with Hypexine ®
Deep Cleans and Deoxidizes. Restores Color. Removes Impossible Stains, Chalk, Rust, Yellowing. Required Prep for Special Polishes.
Learn More About BOAT SCRUB®
Marine Power Mitt
Synthetic Fiber Power Mitt
Turbo Charges Boat Cleaning Action! The Perfect Boat Cleaning Accessory for use with Aurora Boat Care Products

Why You'll Love It!
  • Ideal for Cleaning Non-Skid and Textured Fiberglass Boat Decks
  • Restores Color, Removes Yellowing, Stains, Chalking and Scuffs
  • Polishes Marine Metals and Removes Rust
  • New and Improved: Better Protection for Modern Boats
  • Environment Friendly & Biodegradable: Safe for Sensitive Waterways
  • Guaranteed Results


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • For cleaning or washing the topsides and the deck of your boat, use the same procedure. In the spring, I recommend deep cleaning the fiberglass surfaces and stripping off any old wax or polish that might inhibit the attachment of the new polish. To do this first rinse the surface with water to get as much dirt and grit off and then wash with a solution of Boat Clean Plus and water at a ratio of 1:4, followed by a scrubbing with Boat Scrub. Use a deck brush on the non-skid areas and a Marine Power Mitt, sponge or rag on the smooth parts. Don't use the deck brush on the smooth parts or you will scratch these areas. Rinse the surface well and let dry. Both of these products are non-corrosive, biodegradable and free rinsing, so they will not leave any residue behind. This cleaning will also remove scum or slime, exhaust soot, scuff marks, etc.

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  • The Aurora Boat Care Products that you may be interested in for your boat are: Boat Clean Plus, Boat Scrub, Premium Boat Shine, VS721 Bottom Coat, Sure Step, Vinyl Guard and Kwik Shine. You can find detailed information on these and other products in our On-Line Product Catalogue where you can select the products that will be most relevant to your boat and boating lifestyle. Check the Store Locater for and Authorized Aurora Dealer near you or you can buy on-line if there are none close to you.

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  • Many boat manufacturers now recommend that you do not wax their boats with Carnauba Wax based products, which most boat waxes are made of. The reasons are; when infrared heat from the sun melts the wax on your boat it releases the natural dyes which causes yellowing of the gelcoat. In addition this melting makes the surface greasy or oily, which attracts and holds dust, dirt and pollution against the surface which can result in a streaky appearance. You can find more information about the yellowing effect here:

    Premium Boat Shine contains synthetic waxes, which do not yellow. It also gives you a diamond hard, anti static shine which resists attachment of dust, dirt and pollution and stands up better to black streaks. Premium Boat Shine has a better bond to the surface so it lasts longer and the UV inhibitors protect your boat against chalking and fading from the sun. I recommend 2 coats of Premium Boat Shine and forget the wax. It will give you better protection than 4 coats of wax and last twice as long.

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Aurora Shiny Boat Kit®

    • Catalog No: 01440
    • Shipping Weight: 3.98 lb
    • Case Volume: 6 kits
    • Case Weight: 24 lb (11 kg)
    • Case Dimensions: 18"L x 11.5"W x 10"H

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