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Everything You Need for Your Non-Skid Decks!

Boat Non-Skid Deck Protection for the entire season
New & Improved with Nano Technology for superior UV Protection & Durability.

Everything you need to protect a 200 sq. ft. deck with 2 coats.


Superior Traction, Shine & Protection for your Boat Deck

SURE STEP DECK PROTECT KIT® contains everything that you need to protect your boat deck and to make it Shine like new. Used by Professional Repair Shops and Dealers, Deck protect kit will give you Guaranteed Results.


BOAT CLEAN PLUS®: Cleaner / Degreaser
BOAT SCRUB®: Deoxidizer / Boat Restorer
2x SURE STEP®: Polish / Boat Protectant

Everything you need to do a 200 sq. ft. deck with 2 coats.

Non Skid Boat Deck Coating

SURE STEP<sup>®</sup>

Non-Slippery UV Protection for your boat deck. The World's Only Pressure Sensitive, Non-Skid Deck Polish! Gives your boat Luxurious Shine and it will protect your boat against Dirt, Grime, Diesel, Soot, Stains, Bird Droppings and More.

no skid Non-Slippery UV Protection for your boat deck.
The World's Only Pressure Sensitive, Non-Skid Deck Polish!

Skid-X® Pressure Sensitive Polymer - Grips When Weight of the Human Foot is Applied, With or Without Footwear! Not Slippery - Even When Wet.

Ideal for: textured fiberglass, painted decks, cockpits & swim platforms.

BOAT CLEAN PLUS® & BOAT SCRUB® are required to prep the decks for guaranteed results.

  • 1 Jar of SURE STEP® covers approximately 200 sq.ft with 1 coat
  • 2 coats are recommended

Cleaning Deck With Sure Step applying sure step buffing sure step
Special Cleaners get Your Deck Pristine. Apply & Let Dry to a Haze Buff to a Beautiful Shine

boat bottom clean boat bottom cleaner clean boat bottom
Bird Droppings, Dirt & Sneaker Prints Just Hose Off. No More Scrubbing. Wash the Decks with the Rest of the Boat. Restores Faded Gel Coat (1991 Boat)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The square footage of the horizontal surface of your boat is approximately (33 x 10.8 x 85% =) 302.94 sq. ft. Coverage of Sure Step is about 200 sq. ft and you need two coats. Coverage of the cleaners is more difficult to estimate as it depends on the condition of your boat and how it's been maintained. If it's in good shape, one bottle of Boat Clean Plus and one bottle of Boat Scrub should be sufficient for the deck and cockpit sole. If it's older, oxidized, has ingrained dirt or grime or if you are stripping other finishes, you will need more.

    Most sailors use Sure Step on the entire deck, smooth as well as non-skid in order to maximize traction for the safety of their crew, especially when the decks are wet and the boat is pitching around. This is not the time to slip and loose your footing.

  • First you need to clean the dirt, bacteria, pollutants and oxidation from the surface and clean out the pores. To do this, wash the deck with a 1:4 solution of Boat Clean Plus and water, using a Marine Power Mitt or sponge with some aggressive rubbing, and rinse clean. This will get rid of all the surface pollution.

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  • Your best bet is to try a 50/50 solution of Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub. That’s what boat manufacturers use to remove yellowing, streaking, rust marks etc. If this does not work, then the stain has been on too long and is indelible and can not be removed with cleaners. Also, using the wrong cleaner, like bleach, can set the stain, making it impossible to remove.

    When you get the stain out, be sure to seal the non-skid decks with Sure Step. It will prevent this from happening in the future. I recommend that you seal all non-skid deck surfaces as soon as possible after you buy your boat with Sure Step to prevent stains from happening.

  • I recommend that you deep clean the surface of your boat at least once a year, prior to the application of a protective polish for optimum results, otherwise you wind up sealing in any accumulated dirt, pollutants, oxidized material, etc.

  • Yes, the second coat can be applied more than 24 hours after the first but not before. The reason is that you need a minimum of 24 hours for the first coat to cure so that the second coat will layer on top for added protection instead of simply removing the first coat and replacing it with the second. The danger of leaving it too long between coats is that it may get dirty and require re-cleaning before applying the second coat. Be sure to clean and prep the surface with Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub before applying Sure Step. This is important because these two cleaners will deep clean the pores in the gelcoat, removing dirt, grime, bacteria, suntan oil etc., and the second cleaner will remove any traces of oxidized gelcoat, scuff marks and stains. Remember that Sure Step will seal the gelcoat so if you don't get it pristine, you will seal the dirt, grime and stains, etc., into the finish.

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Aurora Sure Step Deck Protect Kit®

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