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PREMIUM BOAT SHINE® protects, polishes and restores fiberglass boat gelcoats. 

Using boat wax like Carnauba may lead to expensive projects like gel coat restoration and gel coat repair. PREMIUM BOAT SHINE® is 100% synthetic that will never turn yellow and stain on your gel coat.

This Best Boat Polish Bonds to the Surface for Long Life UV Protection that's Diamond Hard and Anti-Static to Repel Dirt. Not Greasy or Oily. Manufacturer Recommended.

Simply wipe on and wipe off! It's self polishing and no buffing is needed to shine your boat!


Boat Polish and Protection with VS721®

premium boat shine

The Once a Year Boat Polish that protects your gelcoat! Synthetic Boat Polish with UV Inhibitors for a Brilliant Shine with the Best Protection & Longest Life. There is No Carnauba Wax ingredient so your boat is safe from yellow stains. You can use it on Fiberglass, Aluminum, Stainless steel and Painted Boats.

Easy to Apply:

    Wipe On & Wipe Off
    It's Self Polishing! No Buffing to get a Brilliant Shine

boat bottom clean boat bottom cleaner clean boat bottom
Seals in the Shine
Even on Older Boats
Be the Envy
of Your Neighbors
No Yellowing
No Build-Up

Guaranteed Carnauba Wax Free!
    Will Not Leave Yellow Stains on Your Boat's Gel Coat

Click Here to Discover the Ugly Truth about Carnauba Wax

Why You'll Love It!
  • Once A Year Boat Polish
  • New and Improved: Better Protection for Modern Boats
  • Now contains VS721® for Added Protection, Shine and Durability
  • Guaranteed - No Carnauba Wax - Will Not Yellow Your Boat
  • Easy to Apply: Wipe On - Wipe Off
  • It's Self Polishing: No Buffing to get a Brilliant Shine
  • Retards Chalking and Fading
  • Seals Gelcoat and Prevents Water and Stain Penetration
  • Diamond Hard, Anti-Static Finish: Repels Dirt and Reduces Black Streaks
  • Sea Salt Rinses off Easily
  • Contains UV Inhibitors:Protects Against Sun Damage
  • Won't Become Greasy and Hold Dirt
  • No Teflon: Won't Impede Repairs or Painting
  • Recommended by Boat Manufacturers
  • Use on Fiberglass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Painted Boats
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Premium Boat Shine should only be used above the waterline. It contains some VS721 which adds to its durability but not enough to make it waterproof or seal the pores of the gelcoat to prevent osmosis. It also contains more UV inhibitors than VS721, to resist UV degradation which is more prevalent above the waterline.

    Use VS721 below the waterline and Premium Boat Shine above.

  • Using waxes or polishes containing Silicone or Teflon can make it impossible to repair or refinish the surface of your boat, if that ever becomes necessary. The refinisher will not be able to get the repair or refinishing material to adhere properly to the contaminated surface. Even a small repair will require complete removal and replacement of the gelcoat, making the cost expensive, or even prohibitive on older boats. Reputable boat refinishers will not guarantee their work if your boat has been contaminated with these products.

    Click here to read full answer

  • The Aurora Boat Care Products that you may be interested in for your boat are: Boat Clean Plus, Boat Scrub, Premium Boat Shine, VS721 Bottom Coat, Sure Step, Vinyl Guard and Kwik Shine. You can find detailed information on these and other products in our On-Line Product Catalogue where you can select the products that will be most relevant to your boat and boating lifestyle. Check the Store Locater for and Authorized Aurora Dealer near you or you can buy on-line if there are none close to you.

    Click here to read full answer

  • Premium Boat Shine can last from 4 to 24 months, depending on the conditions that your boat is subjected to. Premium Boat Shine is synthetic and will not degrade as quickly as natural waxes will, but the sun will consume the UV inhibitors, like all things on the planet, it will oxidize over time and of course it is subject to wear from traffic, scrubbing and washing with soap or cleaners.

    If you are located in the tropics, you can expect the Premium Boat Shine on the hull to last about 9 to 12 months but only 4 to 6 on the deck.

    If you are located in Northern US or Canada and your boat is left in the open, it will last a full 12 months on the hull and 6 to 9 months on the deck.

    If your boat is covered when not in use and is on a hoist, it can last up to 24 months on the entire boat.

    For most boats, subjected to seasons, we recommend cleaning with Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub and protecting with Premium Boat Shine once a year, in the spring. If the boat spends the winter out doors, with a tarp or shrink wrapped, you should protect the deck against UV damage during storage, with a coat of Premium Boat Shine or Sure Step.

  • The ideal temperature to use any Aurora cleaners, polishes or protectants is in the 60°F to 80° (16ºC to 27º) range, however you can use Aurora products as low as 40°F (5°C) to as high as 100°F (38°C). If the ambient temperature is at the extreme ranges, the product will be harder to work with. They may be thicker and more viscous at the colder temperatures and evaporate off the surface and dry too quickly at the upper range.

    The temperature of the substrate is more important than the ambient temperature. A good rule of thumb is to put your hand on the surface. If it’s uncomfortably cold or hot, wait for another time. If it feels comfortable, then you can proceed. Sometime in the winter, the sun will heat the surface of your boat so you can work on it, even if the ambient temperature is hovering around the freezing mark. In the summer, it can be extremely hot out, but if your boat is in the shade, you can also work on it.

  • For best results, I recommend doing the whole process. The reason is that all things on the planet oxidize over time, including Premium Boat Shine. Stripping off the exhausted polish will allow the new polish to adhere to the boat rather than to the exhausted material and give you better performance and will last longer and protect your boat better.

    Since your boat is in good shape you can mix a solution of Boat Clean Plus in water at a concentration of 1:4. dip your Marine Power Mitt in the solution and apply some Boat Scrub to the mitt. This will save you some time and effort as you will be getting the benefits of both cleaners at the same time. The reason for using two different cleaners is that they have different properties. When you get through and rinse them off the surface will be free of all pollutants and oxidation. The Premium Boat Shine will go on easier and faster and you will get guaranteed results.

    Regular application of this regime will keep your boat looking shiny and new for 20 to 30 years.

  • DO NOT USE BOAT SHINE ON YOUR CAR IF IT HAS A CLEAR COAT FINISH. The finish on cars is quite different from boats. Premium Boat Shine is designed to cross link with the substrate, which gives you the durability, but it may lift the clear coat finish.

    A great product for cleaning, shining & protecting your car is Kwik Shine. It can be sprayed onto a dirty car and it will clean without scratching and leave a mirror finish for you to admire. It's Kwik & Easy.

    Thank you for your praise. We never get tired of hearing it.

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• COVERAGE: 400sq. ft. ONE COAT (16oz bottle)


PREMIUM BOAT SHINE® is a new long life complex polymer coating that outlasts other marine polishes and waxes. Ideal for Fiberglass, Aluminum, Painted surfaces, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze.

Contains sun screens to help prevent chalking and fading and sealants to protect porous fiberglass from blistering and staining.

Wash boat with BOAT CLEAN PLUS® to prevent dirt, grime, oil film and pollutants from being rubbed into surface. If boat is chalky, oxidized, faded, scuffed or stained, clean surface with BOAT SCRUB® and EZ BUFF®. Remove algae and algae stain with GREEN GENIE® or ALGAE STRIP®. Remove Waterline stains with WATERLINE STAIN REMOVER®.

Apply PREMIUM BOAT SHINE® to clean dry boat with damp sponge. Let dry to haze. Wipe off with clean dry cloth.

Apply second coat for full season protection. Allow minimum of 24 hours between coats for thorough curing. Optional: final buffing with foam pad and rotary or orbital buffer.

NOTE: When applying PREMIUM BOAT SHINE® in direct sunlight, apply to small area at a time and wipe off before drying takes place. Ideal application temperatures: 50°F to 80°F, 15°C to 26°C.


CAUTION: May be harmful if swallowed.
Contains petroleum distilates.
Call a physician.

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Aurora Premium Boat Shine®

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    • Individual Unit: 450 ml
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