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ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT® is the most effective marine sanitation device odor treatment solution. It coats the inside of the plumbing, hoses, and waste holding tank with ODOR FREE® to prevent mal odours from stinking up the inside of your boat during winter storage. Never worry about odor and bacteria build up during storage again!


Odor Neutralizer on Contact - Storage Treatment

ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT® coats the inside of the plumbing, hoses, waste holding tank with ODOR FREE® to prevent mal odours from stinking up the inside of your boat during winter storage.

Stop the Stinkies On Time and Enjoy ODOR FREE Boat In Spring

There's nothing worse than opening up your boat in the spring after its long winter hibernation, only to be greeted with a stomach wrenching odor that smells like a dead animal. You realize, too late, that it's coming from your marine toilet. That smell has gotten into the mattress, cushions, headliner and carpet and you're going to have to live with it for months, before it starts to fade under the constant barrage of deodorizers, sanitizers and repeated airing out. Breathing stinky air is not only unpleasant, it's unhealthy. It doesn't have to be that way.

Don't Let Bacteria escape into your boat

Any warm day during the winter and early spring will reactivate the dormant, residue bacteria in the plumbing system, hose and holding tank, causing it to grow and manufacture malodors that will escape into your boat and remain there, waiting for you to discover them. A bottle of ODOR FREE Storage Treatment® flushed into the toilet after the head has been winterized will prevent the bacteria from reactivating so there is no unpleasant odor in the spring.


ODOR FREE® is proven to knock out odor causing bacteria on contact. The new ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT® contains ODOR FREE® in a liquid that causes it to cling to the surfaces that it comes into contact with until flushed away with water. As long as the liquid is on the surface, bacteria can't grow. If the bacteria can't grow, there is no odor. ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT® is Biodegradable and Environment Friendly plus it's protected against freezing. ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT® is Guaranteed to "Stop the Stinkies".

Why You'll Love It!
  • You'll Love your ODOR FREE boat in the spring.
  • Guaranteed to Stop the Stinkies.
  • Easy to Use. Simply flush into the head after it has been winterized.
  • One bottle protects up to a 50 gal tank.
  • Protects your boat up to 9 months.
  • Protect your and your families health.
  • Use in all Marine Toilet Systems.
  • Proven Technology = Guaranteed Results.
  • Non Corrosive. Won't hurt metal, plastic, rubber.
  • Effective at removing Permeation Odors in waste water hoses.
  • Safe. No Formaldehyde.
  • Save money on deodorizes and sanitizers.
  • Environment Friendly - Biodegradable.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are several possible causes of a smelly head on a boat. The hardest part is to determine where the smells are coming from. After that it should be fairly easy to fix the problem. There are a few variables that you have not covered but we will try to deal with those as well.

    The possible causes are: • Holding tank is full and needs to be pumped out • Blocked vent forcing the exhaust back into the boat • Sludge build up in the holding tank • Blockage in pump out hose • Defective or non-functioning macerator (optional on some boats) • Defective or non-functioning vacuum flush system (optional on some boats) • Damaged hoses usually caused by age or from using inferior holding tank chemicals or homemade concoctions or no chemicals at all, resulting in permeation odors. • Disconnected or leaking hose • Damaged or plugged Duckbill Valve • Damaged or plugged Flapper Valve • Salt water used for flushing

    Click here to read full answer

  • The Aurora Fall Lay-Up Cocktail should cure your problem. Because your tank, hoses and mechanical parts of your toilet have not been sanitized, bacteria remains in the system. When the warm weather returns, they reactivate and that’s what is causing the smell.

    To make the cocktail, mix 8 oz. of Aurora Odor Free with about ½ gallon of plumbers antifreeze. After your final pump out, preferably while your boat is still in the water, pour about ½ into the toilet and flush it into the tank. Repeat the procedure. Do not use the head after this procedure.

    This should be sufficient to coat the inside of the hose and contact parts in the toilet. The rocking of the boat during its last trip and haul out will slosh the mixture around in the tank and coat it. The mixture will neutralize the bacteria and cause it to be inactive until diluted with sufficient water or waste.

    In the spring, recharge your head, following the directions on the bottle and the smell will no longer exist. Regular use of Aurora Odor Free will keep your head odor free and reduce the source of the problem.

  • Yes.

  • Odor Free and Head Chem are the same product.Because of trademark difficulties in the US, we are gradually making the change to Odor Free. I know it will be confusing until the change over is complete.

    Price is always a problem when you make a quality product. The better ingredients cost more and the better formulas require more ingredients.

    The alternative is to cut quality and quantity and make a cheap product, but then it doesn't work as well. As you obviously know from experience, the other products you tried are not as good, but they are cheaper. Head Chem / Odor Free has a reputation for being the best, most effective holding tank chemical in North America and possibly the World.

    We have, however, heard from customers, that because of the tissue digesters built into Odor Free / Head Chem they can save enough money by using regular toilet tissue from home, instead of the expensive boat stuff, to pay for the Odor Free.

    We are continuing to manufacture and market this product and eventually the name will be Odor Free in both Canada and the US. In the meantime, you can use either product with confidence.

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• Enjoy an ODOR FREE boat in the spring.
• STOPS Wastewater Tank & Hose Odors.

After final season pump out and flush, charge the wastewater tank with RV or plumbing antifreeze following the manufacturers directions. Pour the entire bottle of ODOR FREE STORAGE TREATMENT® into the marine toilet and flush it into the tank. The chemical will coat the plumbing, hoses and bottom of the tank to prevent odors. Do not flush antifreeze or water after treatment as this will rinse away the coating. When your boat is re-commissioned in the spring, charge the wastewater tank with ODOR FREE® Time Release Granules for an Odor Free boat all season long.



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Aurora Odor Free Storage Treatment®

    • Catalog No: 01300
    • Individual Unit: 450 ml
    • Shipping Weight: 1.33 lb
    • Case Volume: 12 x 450 ml
    • Case Weight: 16.0 lb (7.26 kg)
    • Case Dimensions: 7.8"L x 10.3"W x 8"H
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