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MARINE POWER MITT® cuts your Boat Cleaning time in 1/2! The Perfect Boat Cleaning Accessory for use with Aurora ALUMABUFF®, BOAT SCRUB®, BOAT CLEAN PLUS®, SPEED CLEAN® and BLACK STREAK REMOVER®. It turbocharges the scrubbing and cleaning action without scratching. The proprietary synthetic material we use is made of Micro Fine Fibers that gets into the tiniest crevices to scrub away dirt and grime that other tools can't reach.



marine power mitt boat cleaning accessory

Turbo Charges Boat Cleaning Action without Scratching! Use with: ALUMABUFF®, BLACK STREAK REMOVER®, BOAT CLEAN PLUS®, BOAT SCRUB®, SPEED CLEAN®. MARINE POWER MITT® will not scratch your aluminum, fiberglass or painted surface. Best to use with our boat care products. Reusable. Rinse & Let Dry After Use.

marine power mitt, new energy pad, new micro-scrub technology

MARINE POWER MITT® can be used with different Aurora Marine Products

Perfect Boat Cleaning Accessory For . . .

Use with ALUMABUFF® to Remove Stains & Streaks from tight areas of Aluminum & Pontoon Boats that can't be reached with a Linear Buffer. Use with BLACK STREAK REMOVER® to Instantly Wipe Away Ugly Black Streaks.
cleaning pontoon with mitt removing black streaks from boat

Use with BOAT CLEAN PLUS® for Wax Stripping & Deep Cleaning Prior to Applying Premium Boat Shine ®.

Use with BOAT SCRUB® to Remove Oxidation, Yellowing & Stains.
clean boat with mitt clean boat hull with sponge

Use with SPEED CLEAN® to Strip Tough Grime, Stains & Oxidation from Inflatables.
inflatable boat cleaning with power mitt  

Why You'll Love It!
  • Turbo Charges Boat Cleaning Action! Creates an Aggressive Surface for FAST Cleaning
  • Reduces Effort and Fatigue
  • Will Not Scratch Fiberglass or Painted Surfaces
  • Reusable. Rinse & Let Dry After Use.
  • The Perfect Boat Cleaning Accessory for use with Aurora Boat Care Products

BOAT CLEAN PLUS® is a Free Rinsing, Deep Penetrating, Concentrated, Water Base   Read More


BOAT SCRUB® is No. 1 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner and Restorer wit   Read More


Clean and Restore Inflatable Boats with SPEED CLEAN®! It is a Cleaner / Restor   Read More


ALUMABUFF® is a Fast Acting Aluminum Buffing Compound with H   Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • VS721 makes it difficult for marine growth to attach. If you keep the slime off by wiping with a sponge or Marine Power Mitt, as it starts to appear you should be able to keep it clean for up to 6 months without re-application. Using Boat Scrub for regular maintenance is not recommended as it will strip the coating. VS721 is very durable and has been tested at speeds up to 145 mph and found to still be effective 6 months later. The only maintenance required is to wipe the slime off as it appears. That way it won't get a grip or become food for higher life forms which then can also attach.

    VS721 will also seal the pores in the gelcoat to prevent osmosis blistering and give you better performance and fuel economy. It will make launching and hauling onto your trailer much easier as well

  • The first product to try is Boat Scrub. Simply apply a small amount to a soft cloth and rub out the stain. If you have a lot of these marks, I recommend using a Marine Power Mitt with the Boat Scrub. It will save a lot of labor.

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  • First you need to clean the dirt, bacteria, pollutants and oxidation from the surface and clean out the pores. To do this, wash the deck with a 1:4 solution of Boat Clean Plus and water, using a Marine Power Mitt or sponge with some aggressive rubbing, and rinse clean. This will get rid of all the surface pollution.

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  • You should be able to get them out with a 50/50 solution of Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub and a bit of rubbing. Use a scrub brush on non-skid areas and a Marine Power Mitt on the smooth areas, or try a soft cloth but it will require more rubbing. This is the formula that many boat builders use to remove tough stains and yellowing from Carnauba Wax.

    If all the stain does not come out, let the sun help you. Leave the deck exposed to the sun for a week or two without any protection on the damaged area.

    When you get the stains out, protect your deck with Sure Step to prevent stains in the future.

  • Boat Scrub does a great job of cleaning fenders. Use it full strength from the bottle and scrub away the dirt and grime with an Aurora Scrub Mitt or aggressive cloth, like a piece of carpeting or terry towel. A scrub brush can also be used, especially to get in around ridges, nooks and crannies. If the grime is really ground in, pre-wet the fender with Boat Clean before cleaning with Boat Scrub.

    Two coats of Vinyl Guard, after you have cleaned and rinsed your fenders, will put a protective polish on them that will restore the shine and help resist dirt in the future.

  • The best way to maintain your beautiful new finish is simply to keep it clean. Wash as required with a solution of 1 part Boat Clean Plus to 15 or 20 parts water in a bucket. Rinse your boat first, and while it is still wet, wash it with the Boat Clean Plus solution, using a mop, sponge or soft cloth. For best results, wash it in the shade, early morning or at dusk when it’s not too hot. Start at the top, at the bow and work back and down. Work in sections and make sure that you rinse the solution off before it dries and dry with a Boat Chamois.

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  • By topsides, I assume you are referring to the deck. I know, some nautical terms are quite confusing but topside refers to the upper part of the hull between the waterline and the gunwales (pronounced gunnels). I think a lot of the nautical terminology stems from the navies of yore, most of who were never well educated and simply made up words and slang as they needed them. It's quite a fascinating, and humorous, subject if you're interested in foreign languages

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Aurora Marine Power Mitt®

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