KWIK SHINE® with Salt Busters

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KWIK SHINE® with Salt Busters is an All in One Boat Cleaner, Polish and UV Protector For All Hard Surfaces. Use it on Fiberglass, Paint, Aluminum Towers, Outriggers and Rigging. With KWIK SHINE® with Salt Busters, you don't need to use water - Just Spray On and Wipe. KWIK SHINE® with Salt Busters actually Converts Salt Into Polish. You will love the Brilliant, Mirror-Like Finish! One Bottle contains 450 ml of KWIK SHINE® with Salt Busters.


Clean your Boat Without Using Water with the Best Boat Cleaner for All Hard Surfaces

KWIK SHINE® is the best product for boat maintenance. KWIK SHINE® will clean your boat without water. Simply Spray Right Over Dirt or Salt. It Cleans, shines & protects your boat against Soiling & Staining. KWIK SHINE® cleans: Dirt, Grime, Bug Splatter, Bird Droppings, Light Oxidation & Fuel Spills. KWIK SHINE® Won't scratch and it will Dissolve salt and convert it into polish. Detail your boat in minutes and have a mirror finish shine!

Advantages of KWIK SHINE® and Why to use it:

  • No Wax
  • No Build-Up
  • No Yellowing
  • No Fingerprints
  • Anti-Static

Use the best Boat Cleaner, KWIK SHINE®, On All Hard Surfaces:

Fiberglass, Glass, Plexiglass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, High Gloss Paint, Metal Flake & Varnish.

KWIK SHINE® is Ideal for Use on:

Port Holes, Hatches, Appliances, Instrument Panels, Windshields, Arborite & More

* Do not apply to wet surfaces


Actually Converts Salt Spots Into a Cleaner & Polish!

quick shine
Spray Directly onto Salt Spots,
Dirt or Oxidization

quick boat shine
Buff to a Brilliant, Hard,
Anti-Static Shine

boat show
Get a Showroom Shine Anytime
Great for Regular Maintenance
Why You'll Love It!
  • Easy to Use: Spray On & Buff to a Brilliant Shine!
  • Works Without Water: No Pre-Washing Required. Spray Right Over Dirt or Salt
  • Actually Converts Salt Spots Into a Cleaner & Polish!
  • Won't Scratch Surfaces
  • Leaves a Mirror-Like Finish
  • Cleans Dirt, Grime, Light Oxidation & Fuel Spills
  • UV Inhibitors Protect Against Sun Damage: Chalking, Fading & Cracking
  • Protects Against Soiling & Staining
  • For All Hard Surfaces Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you are going to use Kwik Shine with Salt Busters on a weekly basis to clean, shine and protect your boat, it will give your boat better protection than once a year. The maximum life of the best UV inhibitors is about 3 months, after that it starts to break down and becomes exhausted. The polish may continue to protect the gelcoat against other environmental damage but not against sun damage, especially if it is on an upper surface such as the deck. By using Kwik Shine with Salt Busters on a regular basis you are keeping up maximum UV protection. In addition, the shine from Kwik Shine with Salt Busters is unparalleled and it makes metalflake look amazing.

    Premium Boat Shine is more durable and is recommended for boats that can only be polished once or twice a year.

  • Unfortunately $27.49 is the price and if costs of raw goods and transportation keep going up, it could get more expensive. Kwik Shine with Salt Busters is not a cheap product. It uses the latest polymer technology, the best ingredients, plus a lot of money was invested in R&D to develop this product. The idea was to create a product that would use chemistry to do the grunt work instead of the boat owner, and work it does.

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  • The infrared rays from the sun literally bake the salt onto the glass, making it very difficult to remove. Sea salt will also corrode the aluminum top supports, rod holders and outriggers plus rust the stainless steel on your boat and pit the gelcoat.

    To start with I would suggest trying Kwik Shine with salt busters. It has great cleaning properties and will also dissolve the salt and convert it into a protective polish that will resist future attachment of salt. This is a very popular product for salt water boats for this reason. It can also be used to clean and protect metal surfaces and get the salt spots off the fiberglass before damage occurs. It is a spray and wipe product so it is fast and easy to use.

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KWIK SHINE® with Salt Busters


Cleans away dirt, grime, fuel spills, oxidation,salt. Protects against UV, Ozone, Aging, Acid Rain, Dirt. Converts Salt into cleaner/polish. Mirror Shine.

For exterior and interior fiberglass, plastic, hard painted surfaces, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, glass.

Shake Well Before Using. Spray KWIK SHINE® with Salt Busters on any hard dry surface. With clean cloth, wipe away dirt, grime, salt, etc. With second clean, dry cloth, buff to a protective, mirror, shine.

Use for regular maintenance. Replaces lost UV inhibitors & polish.


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Aurora Kwik Shine® with Salt Busters

    • Catalog No: 11140
    • Individual Unit: 600 ml
    • Shipping Weight: 1.36 lb
    • Case Volume: 12 x 600 ml
    • Case Weight: 16.3 lb (7.39 kg)
    • Case Dimensions: 8.3"L x 13.3"W x 10.3"H

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