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Everything You Need to Care for Your Inflatable Boat! From cleaning to restoring your inflatable boat, this kit has you covered!


SPEED CLEAN® - Cleans And Restores your Inflatable Boat. Removes Chalking, Stains, Scuffs, Grime, Rust, Diesel.
POLY GUARD® - It gives Beautiful, Long Lasting Shine. Protects your inflatable boat Against UV Damage, Sun Tanning Oil, Chalking and Stains. Not Greasy or Oily.
REPELIN® - Protects your inflatable boat against Algae, Barnacles, Zebra Mussels and Osmosis Blisters. Improves Performance.
MARINE POWER MITT® - Synthetic Fiber Power Mitt Turbo Charges Boat Cleaning Action! The Perfect Boat Accessory for cleaning with Aurora Boat Care Products.


Inflatable Boat Care Kit

Our kit for inflatable boats gives your inflatable boat protection and a great look. Our kit includes a variety of our products for inflatable boats, and will definitely give you Guaranteed Results. Clean, restore or polish your inflatable boat with our Inflatable Boat Kit.

POLY GUARD® Protectant
REPELIN® Foul Release Coating
SPEED CLEAN® Cleaner / Boat Restorer
MARINE POWER MITT® The Perfect Cleaning Accessory for Boats.

Inflatable Boat Kit ® Products

Poly Guard. UV protector, sealer, polish for Hypalon, PVC inflatable boats
POLY GUARD® Protectant

Protects Your Inflatable Boat against UV damage, Dirt, Grime, Diesel, Soot, Stains, Bird Droppings and More . 2 Coats of Poly Guard Last 4-6 Months and You will get Luxurious, Long Lasting Shine.
Learn More About Poly Guard®
Repelin. Clear, green Foul Release Coating for inflatable boats and RIBs

REPELIN® Foul Release Coating / Bottom Coat

Protects your inflatable Against attachment of Algae, barnacles & Zebra Mussels. Protects Against Osmosis Blisters on RIBs. Perfectly Clear, Hard, Smooth, Flexible Surface - Won't Rub Off When
Beaching Your Boat. A Clean Boat Bottom equals Better Performance.
Learn More About Repelin®
Speed Clean. Cleaner, restorer for inflatable boat and RIB tube
SPEED CLEAN® Cleaner / Restorer

Clean and restore your Inflatable Boat. SPEED CLEAN® is safe for All Inflatable Boat Surfaces. Removes Chalking, Stains, Scuffs, Grime, Rust, Diesel...
Learn More About Speed Clean®
Marine Scrub Mitt. Non scratching fabric scrubber reduces labor
MARINE POWER MITT® - Synthetic Fiber Scrub Mitt

Turbo Charges Boat Cleaning Action without Scratching! Clear your boat in less time, effort & fatigue. Made from Synthetic Fiber - Will Not Scratch. The Perfect Accessory for you to use with Aurora Marine Products.
Learn More About Marine Power Mitt®
Why You'll Love It!
  • Removes Scuffs, Chalking, Oil, Diesel, Soot, Oxidation, Stains, Bird Droppings & More
  • Reduces Effort and Fatigue
  • Luxurious Shine
  • Perfectly Clear: No Discoloration of Your Boat
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption & Improves Maneuverability
  • Guaranteed Results
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will need 2 to 3 bottles of each, depending on the age and condition of the boat. If the boat is older or stained or has chalking or is quite dirty, you will need more. If the boat is quite new and in good condition, you will require less. I also suggest that you apply Sure Step to the non-skid deck to seal it, protect against UV, make it easier to keep clean and add traction.

    Coverage of Poly Guard, Repelin and Sure Step is 200 ft².or 18.6 M². The amount of Speed Clean depends on the condition of the boat. It can be used to clean the tube as well as the fiberglass.

  • There are three basic types of material used for inflatable tubes today: Hypalon, PVC, PU, plus there are numerous hybrids that are appearing every year. All materials are excellent, depending on how and where you will use your boat. You will often hear that this material is far superior to that, based on peoples personal experience, but keep in mind that the fabrics used today are quite different than the fabrics used even 5 years ago. The mills are constantly improving their technology and manufacturers improving their techniques. Today’s Inflatable Boats and RIBs are quite amazing compared to boats that were made even 10 years ago.

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  • The first trick is to locate the leak. The best way to do this is to mix a solution of detergent (dishwashing or liquid laundry detergent) with warm water, put it in an old spray bottle and spray the soapy solution on the boat in the suspected area. Watch the area closely for signs of bubbles. If the leak is very small, this could take some time and require patience as you work your way around the boat, but it's the best way for DIY's.

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  • If an inflatable boat is in good shape, there should be no leaks and it should hold air. There are numerous causes for these slow leaks. Most can be corrected but in some cases, it’s just not worth while and you can either live with the leak or retire the boat.

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  • The product is Repelin. Be sure to clean and prep the surface with Speed Clean and Poly Guard to protect your tubes and allow for patchability in the event of a puncture.

    It works better in the north, where the water is not so warm and the growth so vicious. You will get a full season from two coats. In the Florida area, the bottom will start to slime up after about 3 to 4 weeks. Two coats should last 3 to 6 months if you keep it clean. If you leave it more than that, without wiping off the slime, you will start to get algae and barnacles attaching to the slime, but they are much easier to remove than if you do not protect your bottom.

    If you have marine growth now, use Inflatable Bottom Spray to easily remove it without damaging the fabric or adhesives.

  • Before you can put anything on your inflatable, you have to make sure that it is clean, stain free and the surface is not oxidized.

    If you have any fouling on the bottom, spray it with Inflatable Bottom Spray. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and that should get the fouling off. Next, use Speed Clean and a Marine Power Mitt, sponge or scrub brush to get the boat clean and deoxidized. This should get any stains out and bring up the original color. If you boat is a RIB, you can also use the Speed Clean on the hull and for cleaning the non-skid floor.

    When your boat is as clean and bright as you can get it, apply 2 coats of Poly Guard to the tubes. If the boat is going to spend any amount of time in the water, apply 2 coats of Repelin below the waterline. You can use this on the tubes, rigid hull and the lower leg of you outboard. (Do not apply to the prop as it will cause it to slip too much). It will keep marine growth off and make it easier to clean. If yours is a RIB, apply 2 coats of Sure Step to the non-skid floor.

    You'll be amazed at how well these products restore your boat and make it easier to keep clean. Achilles made a good boat. When you get through, you might decide that it's a keeper. I would even suggest that you take some before and after photos, otherwise no one will believe you.

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Aurora Inflatable Boat Care Kit

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