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NEW INVENTION! - FABRI-KLEAN® is a Marine Fabric Cleaner that is Tough on Dirt - Easy on Fabrics. Effectively and Safely Clean your boat covers, bimini tops, sails, upholstery and awnings!

CLEANS: Dirt, Grime, Bird Droppings, Soot, Mold, Blood, Pet Urine, Food & Beverage Spills, Red Wine, Grease, Oil, Salt, Cosmetics, and Many More!

FABRI-KLEAN® will not weaken, damage or rot the threads of your boat covers, bimini tops, sails, upholstery and awnings!

  • Safe for all indoor and outdoor, synthetic and natural fabrics
  • Water Activated and Free Rinsing
  • Will not leave any Residue on your fabric
  • Environment Safe

The latest Marine Fabric Cleaner

FABRI-KLEAN® is a Marine Fabric Cleaner that is Tough on Dirt, but Gentle on Fabrics. Effectively and Safely Clean your Sunbrella boat covers, bimini tops, sails, upholstery and awnings!

BENEFITS of Cleaning Marine Fabrics with Fabri-Klean®

Fabri-Klean® effectively deep cleans your marine fabric and removes Dirt, Grime, Bird Droppings, Soot, Mold, Blood, Pet Urine, Food & Beverage Spills, Red Wine, Grease, Oil, Salt, Cosmetics, and Many More

Fabri-Klean® restores the brightness while cleaning your marine fabrics

Fabri-Klean® is tough on dirt, but gentle on fabrics. It will NOT rot the threads of your boat covers, bimini tops, sails, upholstery, awnings and other synthetic and natural fabrics.

Cleaning your marine canvas and other fabrics with Fabri-Klean® is the best preparation before you waterproof and stain proof your marine fabrics with

Fabri-Klean® is water activated and free rinsing so it will not leave any residue on your marine fabrics

The most popular brand of marine canvas is Sunbrella. Top Gun, Top Notch, Weather Max, Shoretex, Coast Guard, Recacril, Outdura and Sunforger are other common brands. There are others. They are mostly made with solution dyed acrylic or polyester threads. FABRI-KLEAN® fabric cleaner and CANVAS SHIELD® fabric guard, can be safely used to clean and waterproof all marine canvas as well as other outdoor fabric made from natural and synthetic yarns.

Why You'll Love It:
  • Free Rinsing
  • Water Activated
  • Won’t Damage Fabric or Threads


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dirt, including soap scum and moisture are key ingredients for mold, the others being still air, warmth and darkness or shade which are conveniently provided by boat covers. The removal of one or more of these ingredients will prohibit the formation and growth of mold and their associated stains and health hazards.

    Boat covers can be safely and thoroughly cleaned with free rinsing FABRI-KLEAN fabric cleaner and waterproofed with CANVAS SHIELD water proof spray. FABRI-KLEAN will not leave a soap residue. CANVAS SHIELD will not support mold growth and because of its deep penetrating power, it encapsulates and protects the underside of the threads in the fabric as well as the exterior side, giving it better protection.

    Mold spores are ever present in the air. When they land on a suitable host they rapidly grow and multiply. The visible mold that you see and even wipe away is the bloom, like the flower of a dandelion. You can remove it but unless you remove the root or inhibit it from growing, it will continue to grow and the root will burrow deeper and become stronger and more tenacious. The bloom releases spores into the surrounding air to propagate more mold and the root continues to devour the material under the surface. It’s this degradation under the surface that gives the indelible mold stains visible on vinyl seats, inflatable boats and synthetic fabric boat tops and cushions. Removal of the mold stains usually causes even more damage to the substrate.

    Regular cleaning with free rinsing FABRI-KLEAN and annual re-application of CANVAS SHIELD plus proper ventilation under the boat cover can easily double or even triple the life of your boat canvas.

  • Silicone waterproofing sprays can give you temporary waterproofing to your Boat Cover, requiring you to re-apply it every few weeks. The problem with Silicones are; they’re good at protecting fabrics against water migration but not oil. As soon an oily substance comes into contact with the Silicone, it also destroys its ability to prevent water migration requiring you to clean, dry and re-waterproof all over again.

    Boat canvas covers are subject to polluted fallout from the sky, which includes oily substances such as unburned fuel from aircraft, exhaust from automobiles, boat engines, exhaust from factories, etc. This fallout destroys the waterproofing that the Silicone spray provides.

    PTFE or Teflon sprays provide a much better waterproofing solution as they stand up to both water and oil so the better quality ones can last a whole season. The problem is that they’re made from PFOA and PFOS which are carcinogenic. As the PTFE spray ages and breaks down it emit PFOA and PFOS gasses, which are inhaled by you and your family and this gets into your blood stream. EPA discovered that these chemicals can make you sick with cancers, cause birth defects, etc. and they stay in your blood stream for long periods of time and can be passed on to new born children.

    CANVAS SHIELD can provide better and longer lasting waterproofing for boat canvas covers and is made with DRYKON, a new nanoized polymer invented by Aurora Marine Industries. It does not contain any PKOA or PFOS so it’s safe. CANVAS SHIELD is also more environment friendly, as harmful VOC’s that contribute to global warming, are greatly reduced.

    CANVAS SHIELD is safer to use and gives your boat cover superior and longer lasting waterproofing.

  • No, it’s not a new form of algae or a strange bug. PFOA is the acronym for Perflurooctanoic Acid, C8HF15O2, which is a chemical used in the production of PTFE, Teflon™, for water proofing canvas and other outdoor fabrics. As the PTFE material breaks down, it releases PFOA into the atmosphere. Some products are intentionally made with PFOA.

    It was discovered that PFOA has been found in the bloodstream of over 98% of American men, women and children. No one is exactly sure how it made its way into the bloodstream of such a large number of people, but the EPA is now pressuring industry to eliminate its use.

    The study has shown that PFOA was still present in the human body approximately four years after exposure and that levels were only reduced by approximately one half. PFOA has been implicated in causing cancer of the pancreas, testicles, liver and mammary glands. It’s also been linked to miscarriages, thyroid problems, low birth weights and weakened immune systems.

    Aurora Marine’s latest discovery CANVAS SHIELD fabric guard is a new Waterproofing coating for marine and other outdoor fabrics and clothing that does not use PTFE, Teflon or Silicone. The secret is that it utilizes Nanoized Polymers and is completely PFOA free. It’s also a much greener alternative; it’s nontoxic, nonflammable when dry, VOC compliant and safe for most natural and synthetic fabrics.

    CANVAS SHIELD fabric guard penetrates deep into the fabric to coat and protect each thread, rather than just residing on the surface, so it continues to protect against water migration when the surface coating is worn away from washing, abrasion and environmental degradation. Even though water no longer beads on the surface, your marine canvas still remains waterproof if protected with CANVAS SHIELD fabric guard. The fabric maintains its natural breathability, flexibility and color, even after repeated application. Re-application is recommended annually or when the fabric finally loses its waterproofing ability.

    In addition to waterproofing, it also resists stains, mold, UV and color fading.

    For best results, the fabric must be clean, dry and free of surfactant residue from soap or detergents. Aurora has also developed FABRI-KLEAN fabric cleaner, specifically for pre-cleaning fabrics prior to treatment with CANVAS SHIELD fabric guard and for regular maintenance. FABRI-KLEAN is a free rinsing, concentrated, low sudsing and environment friendly, water based and water activated cleaner with deep penetrating power to clean the threads, not just the surface. It’s effective at removing oil based as well as organic soil such as airborne pollutants, bird droppings, dirt, mold, even grass stains and fish blood. Wet the surface first and spray a bit of the environment friendly concentrate onto the surface, agitate it with a brush and rinse it clean. It’s free rinsing so there is no residue to affect adhesion. When dry, spray on two coats of CANVAS SHIELD fabric guard and allow to cure for 24 hours. Enjoy your waterproof canvas.

    Maintenance is easy. Just rinse dirt off with a garden hose. If tough stains, such as bird droppings, remain, we recommend washing with FABRI-KLEAN. When washed with free rinsing FABRI-KLEAN, CANVAS SHIELD can withstand multiple washing before re-application is required.

  • Perhaps; tents are typically made from different fabrics than boat covers are. The fabrics can be laminates of different materials and are treated at the factory with different waterproofing solutions. These light weight, high tech fabrics, and the waterproofing agents use in the fabric manufacture may not be compatible with CANVAS SHIELD. There are many different fabrics use for tents and some fabric formulations are proprietary so only the fabric manufacture knows the exact composition.

    Many tents have a life of 8 to 10 years and as the waterproofing agent deteriorates they begin to leak and are of little use so they need to be replaced. The special waterproofing chemicals that are applied at the point of manufacture cannot be re-applied after market.

    To date, Aurora Marine has not tested CANVAS SHIELD on tent materials. The only thing we can suggest is that you do your own testing before spraying your entire tent with CANVAS SHIELD.

  • Yes. Most convertible tops are made from acrylic canvas so CANVAS SHIELD can be used to re-waterproof it. Just be sure that the fabric is clean and dry before applying CANVAS SHIELD so you get good adhesion.

    We highly recommend using FABRI-KLEAN to clean the top as it’s free rinsing and will not leave soap scum or other pollutants on the fabric like soap or detergents will. FABRI-KLEAN is System Matched and is designed to work well with CANVAS SHIELD.

  • It’s not recommended to use detergent or soap on boat canvas covers or tops because of the residue soap scum that it leaves behind. This residue acts as a water wick which will promote leakage, attracts and holds dirt and is food for mold. Think about your shower; even though you rinse it well after each shower, if you don’t wash it well and rinse it clean, you will get mold growing on the walls and especially in the cracks and crevices.

    Instead, use FABRI-KLEAN to clean your canvas and prepare it for re-waterproofing with CANVAS SHIELD. It will remove dirt, grime, bird droppings, oily residue, mold and most pollutants.

    FABRI-KLEAN is a deep penetrating and free rinsing cleaner that will get in between the threads of the canvas to flush out dirt, soap scum and even mold spores. It’s Free Rinsing so there will be no residue or soap scum left behind that could negatively impact the waterproofing. It’s concentrated and water activated so you don’t need very much to be effective. Wet your boat cover first with water and spray a fine mint onto the surface. Use a soft brush to work it into the fabric. Rinse clean and let it air dry.

    You can now spray on CANVAS SHIELD to waterproof your cover once again.

  • If your awning is woven canvas or fabric then CANVAS SHIELD will be effective at waterproofing it. CANVAS SHIELD works even on commercial awnings that are subject to more aggressive use.

    Be sure to clean you awning with FABRI-KLEAN before waterproofing, for best and longest lasting results.

    CANVAS SHIELD is not for use on vinyl material.

  • In addition to waterproofing, CANVAS SHIELD also resists soiling. In most cases all you need to do to keep your boat cover clean is rinse it with a garden hose and let it air dry. We recommend that you do this weekly.

    If your canvas boat cover is not cleaned regularly or is soiled by oily pollutants, then we recommend that you clean it with FABRI-KLEAN. As long as the brushing is not too aggressive, you will not remove the CANVAS SHIELD.

    If your boat cover becomes soiled with bird poop, use BIRD POOP REMOVER to clean your top. It will dissolve the bird droppings so you can rinse it clean (you may need some light brushing if the bird poop has been on for a while). BIRD POOP REMOVER will not remove the CANVAS SHIELD, unless you brush it aggressively.

  • CANVAS SHIELD will last for at least one complete season, up to several years, depending on use, local weather conditions, etc. Highway trailering, aggressive weather, high UV and infrared, aggressive cleaning, pollutants, can shorten its life.

    Most boat owners clean their canvas with FABRI-KLEAN and re-apply CANVAS SHIELD on an annual basis as preventive maintenance. If you wait for the top to start leaking before correcting the problem, the water migration can cause considerable damage to the boat interior; mold growth on the cover, seating, floor covering, etc. Repairing the damage can be very inconvenient, time consuming and expensive, especially if your boat gets tied up during boating season. It’s like changing the oil in your car; you don’t have to do it as the manufacturer recommends, you can wait for the little red warning light to turn on in your instrument panel. But, we all know how that turns out.

  • If your garden furniture is canvas or woven fabric; yes you can clean it with FABRI-KLEAN and waterproof proof it with CANVAS SHIELD (most fabrics. Test first)

    CANVAS SHIELD will also help to protect your seating from food and beverage spills.

    CANVAS SHIELD is not for use on vinyl seating or coverings.

  • If your boat cover or seating is marine canvas and color fast you can remove mold stains with the following formula and method:

    1. Wash the cover (both sides) with FABRI-KLEAN. Wet the cover with water, spray on FABRI-KLEAN. Scrub with a soft brush and rinse clean.
    2. To one gallon of war water add 1 cup FABRI-KLEAN and one cup of Chlorine Bleach. Mix well.
    3. Spray on the above mixture to the inside of the cover. Brush it in and let it sit 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse it well with clear water. Repeat on the outside of the cover.
    4. Allow the cover to air dry completely in warm sunshine or overnight.
    5. Re-waterproof the outside with CANVAS SHIELD.

  • CANVAS SHIELD needs a couple of days of warm weather to fully cure it. The best temperature to apply it is 75 ֯F to 95 ֯F (24 ֯C to 34 ֯C). The warmer and sunnier, the better.

    CANVAS SHIELD can cure in slightly cooler temperatures, or indoors, but it will take much longer and the durability will be less.

    CANVAS SHIELD should only be sprayed in a well-ventilated area, such as outdoors.

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Wet fabric with fresh water. Spray FABRI-KLEAN® onto surface and scrub with a scrub brush. Rinse and allow to air dry. Protect with CANVAS SHIELD®.

Vacuum fabric twice. Mix 1:5 with water. Agitate mixture with a sponge or whisk to generate foam. Apply foam to fabric with sponge and scrub surface. Remove moisture and soil with a Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner. Allow to dry. Vacuum when dry. Protect with CANVAS SHIELD®.


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