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EZ BUFF® is designed to aggressively remove the oxidation on Fiberglass Boats, and Restore the Shine of Fiberglass Gelcoat.

How to restore faded fiberglass gelcoat in 3 EZ steps with EZ BUFF® buffing cream?

Restoring chalky, faded gel coat on fiberglass boats is as EZ as 1, 2, 3 with the new EZ BUFF® boat detailing system.

  1. Boat Cleaning: Remove dirt, pollutants and oxidation from gel coat with BOAT CLEAN PLUS® and BOAT SCRUB®.
  2. Boat Buffing: Restore the gelcoat shine by buffing your boat with EZ BUFF® and EZ BUFF EXTENDER®.
  3. Boat Polish: Lock in the shine on your boat with all synthetic PREMIUM BOAT SHINE®.


EZ BUFF® is Tough on Oxidation but Easy on gel coat. Unlike traditional rubbing compounds that contain aggressive grits that scratch deeply into your gel coat and then require finer and finer grades to remove the scratching, thereby removing excessive amounts of your thin gel coat, EZ BUFF® is designed to aggressively remove the oxidation, with minimal damage to the integral gel coat. Polishes the surface to a mirror finish, all in one step.

Before boat maintenance
Boat oxidation removal Boat polish

EZ BUFF® is safe and eco friendly

EZ BUFF® is a New Eco Friendly Formula. It's water based and Biodegradable. There are no Hazardous or Toxic Solvents & Additives. There are no Carcinogenic Silica or Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide. It's Non Flammable and Non Combustible. It's Safe, Non Toxic and Non Corrosive.

Since it's water based, it does not emit any ozone depleting VOC's. There are no Hazardous Air Pollutants, Soil Pollutants or Water Pollutants. It's environment, human and boat friendly. There are no Bad solvent odors and no coarse grit to scratch you gel coat. It's slow drying to give you longer working time (working time can be extended even further with EZ BUFF EXTENDER®) and you get greater coverage, so it's much less expensive than using rubbing compounds.

Environment friendly boat cleaning products

How to use EZ BUFF®

Boat detailing

EZ BUFF® can be used by hand but best results will be obtained with a Rotary Buffer with a clean wool buffing pad, at low to medium speed. We recommend using EZ BUFF EXTENDER® to extend working time and to lubricate the surface. This reduces the chance of swirl marks. The finished surface has a long lasting gloss and surface conditioning. Now it's ready for protection with long lasting PREMIUM BOAT SHINE®. It's easy to apply, all synthetic and Carnauba wax free.


If you search on-line for how to restore faded gel coat, how to remove gel-coat oxidation, detailing your boat, removing oxidation or how to buff your boat, even professional gel coat finishing systems, you will get information on how to wet sand your boat, then buff it with coarse rubbing compound, wiping off the lubricating grease, repeat, change pads, buff it with medium rubbing compound to get the swirls out, wipe off the grease, change pads, buff with finishing compound to remove swirls and marks, wipe off the grease, use a different buffer and pad to apply wax, buff that off and then apply a detailing wax, etc., etc. Why would you do that?

There's a much easier way to Restore the Shine of your Gelcoat and it's Guaranteed.

THE EZ BUFF WAY is the modern way to Restore Your Boats Finish.

Boat cleaning

First wash your boat with BOAT CLEAN PLUS® to remove all the dirt and pollutants so you don't rub that into the pores of the gel coat. This step will shorten your buffing time and you will use less EZ BUFF® buffing cream. BOAT CLEAN PLUS® is a very effective surface cleaner and is free rinsing so it won't leave a residue like soaps and detergents.

Buffing a boat

Now apply EZ BUFF® to a 2 ft. by 2 ft. section of the boat. Prime your wool pad with a bit of EZ BUFF®. Spray a bit of EZ BUFF EXTENDER® onto the EZ BUFF®. The extender reduces the chance of getting swirl marks, even by an inexperienced person and extends the working time so you don't use as much EZ BUFF®. Now turn on the buffer and using a medium speed start moving the buffer from side to side and up and down, with medium pressure, until the buffing cream is used up, then continue buffing with a light pressure until you have a dazzling shine. Wipe off any residue with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. There is no grease, wax or silicone, so it's easy. Make sure that you didn't miss anything and move onto the next section.


When you're through wipe on a coat of all PREMIUM BOAT SHINE®. When it dries, wipe off the haze. Now stand back and admire your reflection in the mirror finish. Isn't that a lot easier? It sure saves you a lot of time and money and look at that shine.
OK, if the gel coat is extremely rough you may have to give it a good scrubbing with BOAT SCRUB® to remove the real heavy oxidation. If you still have to resort to sanding, your gel coat is exhausted and you need to consider paint or re-gelling the boat.

Before:faded, chalky, gel coat Before After marine wax After


A good way to tell the condition of your gel coat, even before you start is the SPIT TEST. Apply some saliva to your finger tips and rub a small section of the gel coat, preferably a dark color on the deck or near the gunwale near the transom. If the color comes up, you can proceed to washing and buffing with EZ BUFF®. As soon as it dries it will revert back to the oxidized surface, but that's OK. EZ BUFF® will take care of it. If the color is marginal, try rubbing a small section with BOAT SCRUB® to see if that brings up the color. If it does, you will need to wash and scrub the boat first before proceeding to EZ BUFF®. If there is still no color, you're into paint or new gel coat, but at least you'll know before spending a lot to time and money on something that won't work.

Test fiberglass gel coat restoration Test fiberglass oxidation remover
Why You'll Love It!
  • Tough on Oxidation. Easy on gel coat.
  • Removes Light to Medium Oxidation, Swirls and Surface Scratches.
  • Enhances Color.
  • One Step Saves Time and Money
  • Mirror Finish.

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EZ BUFF® Extender

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • EZ BUFF is a new water based technology that is designed to quickly lift and remove the oxidized gel coat, with minimum scratching of the integral gel coat. It also contains polishing aids to polish the remaining gel coat to a high mirror finish. Rubbing compounds are liquid sand paper. They contain various grades of grit, suspended in a liquid, usually with waxes, silicones and solvents to help lubricate and glide the grit. They are designed to cut away at the surface. The first, coarse grit removes the oxidized and damaged surface and the remaining medium and fine grits are used to further cut the surface down to the depth of the scratches from the coarse grit, until the swirls and scratches are removed. The wax and silicone also function to fill in minor scratches so they are not so noticeable.

  • LUMIGLOW is a proprietary color enhancer. It makes the whites brighter and colors deeper and more luxurious.

  • The SPIT TEST is not necessary but recommended. Basically the test consists of applying saliva to your finger tips and rubbing a small section of the gel coat to determine the amount of color left in your gel coat. If the color comes up, when it’s still wet, you can go straight to washing and buffing. If it’s faint, you can try Boat Scrub to see of that will bring up the color. It’s quick, easy and convenient. Everyone has saliva and you don’t have to go to the store to buy some. It’s a quick way to determine where you need to start and if your boat is a candidate for restoration or if you need to paint or re-gel it.

  • Professional detailers and service departments in boat yards have been using Aurora Boat Care Products for years and we were getting asked if we had a better solution to traditional rubbing compounds. The amount labour and materials required to get good results was killing their bottom line. Customers didn’t want to pay and they were having difficulty making a living. We invented EZ BUFF for them, but in doing so made is so easy to use that even someone that has never used a buffer can get professional results.

  • That’s true if you are wet sanding and buffing with rubbing compounds. If you don’t get the pressure and angle right you can get deep swirl marks that are tough to remove. If you’re speed is too high or you apply too much pressure, you can burn the gelcoat. EZ BUFF is different. Although you use it with a buffer, like traditional rubbing compounds, it works on the surface rather than cutting deeply into the gelcoat. Anyone with even some technical ability can get professional results the first time by following the simple instructions. We even have EZ BUFF EXTENDER to help by extending the working time and reducing the possibility of getting swirl marks. You really have to try hard to screw it up.

  • EZ BUFF was designed with the DIY in mind. If you follow the instructions, you too can get professional results that you will be proud of.

  • No. The only time you will need to sand your boat is in preparation for painting or re-gelling the finish. 85% of all oxidized fiberglass boats can be restored by simply washing with BOAT CLEAN PLUS and buffing with EZ BUFF. Even older highly oxidized finishes can be restored by first scrubbing with BOAT SCRUB and then finishing with EZ BUFF.

  • The first step is to wash the boat with BOAT CLEAN PLUS and water. This is a special free rinsing cleaner and degreaser that will strip away dirt, grime and pollutants so they can be rinsed away rather than buffing it into the pores of your gelcoat. Next buff away the dull, oxidized surface and restore the shine with EZ BUFF. Last, protect the surface with two coats of PREMIUM BOAT SHINE for a long lasting mirror finish.

  • The EZ BUFF system consists of 1. washing the boat, 2. buffing it with EZ BUFF and 3. protecting it with a durable, long lasting, synthetic boat polish. All products are easy to apply and armatures can get professional results. The traditional Marine Professional Gel Coat Finishing System consists of 1. wet sanding, 2. buffing with coarse grit rubbing compound to remove the sanding marks, 3. buffing with medium grit rubbing compound to remove the swirl marks, 4. buffing with fine or finishing grit buffing compound to remove any remaining scratches and swirls and to fill in the scratches with wax or silicone. 5. applying wax and buffing to a shine. 6. applying detailing wax and buffing to extend the life of the wax and enhance the gloss.

  • No. EZ BUFF is a One Step product. It will remove the oxidation, polish the surface to a high shine and restore the color. It even contains LUMIGLOW to enhance the colors of your gel coat.

  • Yes. EZ BUFF is a water based, biodegradable product. It has no VOC’s, no hazardous or toxic solvents and additives, no carcinogenic products. it’s non flammable, non combustible, and non corrosive. It’s safe and non toxic. It will not pollute the air, soil or water.

  • You can but we recommend that you buff and protect your boat in the shade, when it’s overcast or early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The sun can heat up the gel coat on your boat and cause the EZ BUFF to evaporate too quickly. EZ BUFF EXTENDER, can help, but you will still have to work in smaller areas and it will slow you down.

  • Yes. It may be a little more expensive than some other products and less than others but the important thing is that you use less so it goes further. You will wind up saving time and money.

  • You need a Rotary Buffer. An orbital buffer is not strong enough and does not give you the correct motion to remove the oxidation and get the shine you want. You will be able to get better results if you do it by hand, but it takes a lot of pressing and rubbing.

  • Yes, but it takes a lot of pressing and rubbing. You will need to do some work by hand in tight areas that the buffer can’t reach and along the edge of anti-fouling paint or some decals and taped areas. Use a soft cotton cloth like a T shirt.

  • You will need to buff those areas by hand. Use a soft cotton cloth like a T shirt.

  • Yes. The EZ BUFF will pick up and spread anti-fouling paint or coloured gelcoat residue over adjacent areas. It’s a good idea to mask those areas off. Buff the coloured gel coat separate from the white or different colors.

  • You can if the decal, tape or vinyl letters are solid coloured and are well attached to the surface. Some decals and stripes are printed on a different colour vinyl and the buffing will remove the printed surface. Do a small test on each surface first.

  • Yes.

  • 15° C (60° F) to 25° C (80° F)

  • You need to protect adjacent coloured gelcoat or anti-fouling paint or other surface that you don’t want to buff, with masking tape. When you change from one colour to another be sure to clean the pad or use a fresh clean pad. The alternative is to get as close to the adjacent area as you can and then finish by hand.

  • During buffing, periodically run the buffer while holding a flat metal edge, such as a knife or dedicated pad cleaning tool, against the pad to dislodge the oxidized gel coat removed from the boat. Do this often. When you are through wash the pad with water and BOAT CLEAN PLUS. This will keep your pad clean and extend its life.

For More Information
For More Information Ask The Skipper


One Step Buffing Cream for Gel Coat

Clean surface with BOAT CLEAN PLUS® and water, rinse and dry.

Light to Medium Oxidized Gel Coat:

  • Use a rotary buffer and wool pad at low to medium speed.
  • Apply EZ BUFF™ to a 2‘ x 2’ section with a brush or rag and prime the pad with EZ BUFF EXTENDER® or EZ BUFF®.
  • Polish the area, with medium pressure, in a side to side and up and down overlapping pattern. As the buffing cream is consumed, reduce the pressure and keep polishing until you achieve the desired gloss. If EZ BUFF® begins to dry, spray with EZ BUFF EXTENDER®. Clean the pad often, against a sharp steel bar while running the buffer.
  • Finish inaccessible areas by hand using EZ BUFF® and a cloth. Repeat if necessary. Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth and protect with two coats of PREMIUM BOAT SHINE®.

Heavily Oxidized or Stained Gel Coat:
Scrub the surface with BOAT SCRUB® and a MARINE POWER MITT® or rotary buffer and wool pad, then buff to a high shine with EZ BUFF®. Always keep damp. If BOAT SCRUB® begins to dry, mist with water.

WARNING:May cause eye irritation. PRECAUTIONS: Avoid Contact with eyes.


Rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting. Call a POISON CENTER or doctor if you feel unwell.

IF ON SKIN (or hair):
Wash off with soap & water.

Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention.


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Aurora EZ Buff®

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