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BOAT SCRUB® is No. 1 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner and Restorer with Hypexine®. Our Best Fiberglass Boat Cleaner and Restorer: Deep Cleans, Deoxidizes and Restores Color on your fiberglass boat while maintaining its gelcoat. It also Removes Impossible Stains, Chalk, Rust, Yellowing.

BOAT SCRUB® has surface-active ingredients to lift dirt and soil away from the surface. It also contains brighteners to enhance the brilliance of the color and it's free rinsing, which means that there will be no residue on the surface to impede adhesion of a polish or protectant, after cleaning.

Some Prep is Required for Special Polishes.


Best Fiberglass Boat Cleaner, Restorer and Deoxidizer with Hypexine®

BOAT SCRUB® is our boat hull cleaner, Restorer and Deoxidizer ideal for cleaning Non-Skid and Textured Fiberglass Boat Decks. It only reacts with, and removes the damaged fiberglass and does not cut integral gelcoat the way that compounds do. Use BOAT SCRUB® on fiberglass or painted aluminum boats.

Top reasons to use BOAT SCRUB®:

  • Deep Cleans your fiberglass, aluminum and painted boats
  • Deoxidizes
  • Restores your boat Color
  • Polishes Marine Metal
  • Completely Free Rinsing - Leaves No Residue

Gets the Yuck Out! Perfect for Spring Boat Cleaning
scrubbing boat
Can be Used with Mechanical Buffers
boat scrubbing
Restores Faded Color. No Damage from Rubbing Compounds
remove faded color boats
Removes Yellowing, Gray Film, Streaks, Chalk, Stains & Rust
remove yellow from boat
Cleans Fenders, Rub Rails, Power Cords & Life Lines
clean boat fenders
Strips Old Wax. Preps the Surface for New Polish
strip wax from boats

Why You'll Love It!
  • Easy to Use: Vertical Cling, Won't Run When Cleaning Vertical Surfaces
  • Ideal for Cleaning Non-Skidand Textured Fiberglass Boat Decks
  • No.1 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner: Perfect for Deep Cleaning Boats Prior to the Application of Protectants, Polishes or Wax
  • Free Rinsing: Leaves No Slippery Residue
  • Contains No Wax or Silicone
  • Deoxidizes Fiberglass
  • Restores Color Removes Yellowing, Stains, Chalking and Scuffs
  • Polishes Marine Metals and Removes Rust
  • Fresh, Clean Scent
  • Environment Friendly: Biodegradable: Safe for Sensitive Waterways
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Boat Scrub will remove any residue, stain, and oxidation that can impair the cross linking of the VS721 Bottom Coat to the hull. This is important to get the maximum performance from the product. Even though the hull looks clean there may be pollutants or traces of oxidized material on the surface or in the pores. If you don't clean the bottom with Boat Scrub, just before you apply the VS721 Bottom Coat, it will not last as long or perform as well. Boat Scrub is recommended because it contains Hypexine to deep clean and it will remove all traces of oxidization. It is also free rinsing and will not leave a residue.

  • Boat Scrub is the right product to use on Fiberglass and Stainless Steel. Speed Clean will also work but it is not as aggressive and is recommended for use on Inflatable Boats.

  • Use Alumabrite if the bottom is badly stained and dirty. If it just needs cleaning, you can use Boat Clean Plus or Boat Scrub. Boat Scrub can be used to polish aluminium to a mirror finish, but it is a bit of work Alumabrite is much easier. VS721 Bottom Coat works well on the bottom to keep it clean. It will also improve the performance, speed and fuel economy of your boat.

    For the painted surfaces, you can protect it with Premium Boat Shine or Kwik Shine if you do it on a regular basis. Kwik Shine cleans as well as shines and protects.

  • Boat Scrub with Hypexine is a unique marine cleaner that was invented primarily for the purpose of removing oxidized material from fiberglass, without causing damage to the integral gelcoat. This could be chalky gelcoat, oxidized wax, rust on steel or oxide on aluminum. It contains Hypexine, a leaching agent, to help pull color back to the surface and it will also remove deep seated stains in gelcoat, even rust, red wine and fish blood. It has surface-active ingredients to lift dirt and soil away from the surface. It also contains brighteners to enhance the brilliance of the color and it’s free rinsing, which means that there will be no residue on the surface to impede adhesion of a polish or protectant, after cleaning...

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  • Boat Scrub can scuff LP paint if you use it too aggressively and especially if it's relatively new. A lot of boaters use it with a damp sponge or rag on older paint to remove oxidation, stains and scuffs. The runoff from the deck will not hurt the paint. Just be sure to rinse it off the hull so it doesn't dry and leave streaks. If you find some streaks later, just rinse them off.

    A good polish for LP paint is Kwik Shine. Awlgrip and Imron recommend that you do not use boat wax with Carnauba as it can cause discoloration and blistering. Kwik Shine is synthetic and does not cause these problems. If you paint is in good shape, all you need to do is wash it first with a 1:4 solution of Boat Clean Plus and water, rinse it clean and apply a couple of coats of Kwik Shine. It should keep your hull shiny and protected all year.

  • Boat Scrub is a deoxidiser that also contains a leaching agent called Hypexine. In addition to removing oxidized fiberglass, it will also remove stains, scuff-marks, yellowing, streaking and anything that the Boat Clean Plus may not have removed. Although used as a substitute for rubbing compounds, it does not cut integral gelcoat the way that compounds do. It only reacts with and removes the damaged fiberglass. Boat Scrub can be used for regular maintenance without degrading the gelcoat and is recommended for deep cleaning all the fiberglass on your boat prior to application of a new coat of polish each year. That’s why you have had such good success using it as a non-skid deck cleaner. It is also non-corrosive, free rinsing and biodegradable.

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DEOXIDIZE FIBERGLASS, REMOVES YELLOWING, STAINS, SCUFF MARKS & POLISHES METAL: Apply BOAT SCRUB® to clean dry cloth & rub surface until smooth, original colour is restored & stains and scuffs are removed. Work in small areas. Buff with clean dry cloth until shiny. Turn cloth often. Protect surface with PREMIUM BOAT SHINE®.

Wet surface with water, apply BOAT SCRUB® & scrub with deck brush. Rinse clean. Wipe dry. Protect with SURE STEP®.

Apply BOAT SCRUB® to wet MARINE POWER MITT® and wipe surface until clean. Rinse & dry. When completely dry, protect with PREMIUM BOAT SHINE®.

Mix 1/2 BOAT SCRUB® and 1/2 EZ VINYL CLEANER®. Scrub with stiff brush and rinse clean. Apply VINYL GUARD® for protection.

NOTE: BOAT SCRUB® contains HYPEXINE® to leach stains. Test surface for colour fastness prior to cleaning. For best results wash surface with BOAT CLEAN PLUS® prior to using BOAT SCRUB®. When using low speed orbital buffer on fiberglass, use lambs wool pad in circular motion until fiberglass shines. Follow with EZ BUFF® for high shine. DO NOT use excessive force or damage may result. Keep surface damp with BOAT SCRUB® at all times.


May cause skin & eye irritation. Do not swallow. Avoid Contact with eye & skin.

IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting. Call a POISON CONTROL CENTER or doctor/physician if you feel unwell. IF IN EYES: Rinse them well with water. IF ON SKIN: Rinse well with water.

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Aurora Boat Scrub®

    • Catalog No: 01120
    • Individual Unit: 450 ml
    • Shipping Weight: 1.42 lb
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    • Case Dimensions: 7.8"L x 10.3"W x 8"H

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