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ALUMETRON® Fights Corrosion, Protects Aluminum up to 10 YEARS. Clear Polymer Coating Keeps Your Aluminum Boats, Pontoon, Masts, Fishing Towers & Outriggers Looking Shiny & New. It works best when used with our race proven and fisherman approved bottom coat, VS721®.


ALUMETRON® Fights Corrosion, Protects Aluminum and Keeps your Pontoons Clean and Shiny

ALUMETRON® is a new discovery from Aurora Marine Industries that pontoon boat owners have been waiting for. The biggest single complaint that pontoon owners have about their boats is the difficulty and drudgery of maintaining their pontoons. Most are impractical to haul out of the water after each use so they are traditionally left in the water all season long. Within a few weeks of launching them, the pontoons begin staining and corroding and by the end of the season they look more like rusty steel drums than the highly prized shiny silver look they had when the boat was new.


ALUMETRON® is a clear polymer coating that protects raw, anodized and cast aluminum against oxidation, tarnish, staining, corrosion, pitting, salt spray, road film, acid rain and environmental damage. It’s so tough that it will stand up to constant fresh and salt water immersion and still keep aluminum pontoons and boat hulls looking shiny and new all season long. It will protect trailered pontoons, fence rails, wakeboard and fishing towers, outriggers and sail rigging against corrosion and pitting for up to 5 years.

ALUMETRON® is unique because it bonds chemically as well as mechanically to aluminum, making it superior to any other aluminum coating. It’s water based and does not contain the many toxic chemicals and solvents associated with other coatings. It is not flammable or corrosive and is safe for the environment, the boat and the applicator. It’s easy to apply by wiping and inevitable scuffs and scratches can easily be retouched during the year. It seals the fissures in the aluminum making the surface less susceptible to attachment of dirt and marine growth. It even gives the aluminum a smooth silky feel which women appreciate when swimming near the boat.

decal on pontoon Alumetron 3 Year Warranty

When To Apply ALUMETRON®?

The ideal time to apply ALUMETRON® is when the boat is new, before the logs become corroded, but Aurora Marine makes a full line of products that easily cleans and restores abused pontoons. Now even older pontoons can be made to look new again. They also manufacture a clear, environment friendly, anti-fouling that can be applied over the ALUMETRON® which resists the attachment of marine growth.

Keeping your pontoons clean and shiny not only improves the value of your boat and enhances pride of ownership, but the reduced friction improves performance and reduces fuel consumption. ALUMETRON® might be one of the best investments you can make for your pontoon boat.

You Too Can Keep Your Pontoons Shiny & Clean for up to 10 Years:

tritoon after Alumetron   The ideal time to apply ALUMETRON® and VS721® is when the boat is brand new.

Here are a few pictures of my brand new Lowe Tritoon, still up on blocks to get the pontoons off the bunks so I could work on it. I followed your directions... Read More

aluminum tower restoration with Alumetron - before
aluminum tower restoration with Alumetron - after

Here are some before and after pictures of my aluminum wakeboard tower. I followed your advice and wet sanded the whole tower to remove the... Read More

Why You'll Love It!
  • Easy to Apply - Clear Polymer Coating - bonds Chemically
  • Protects Aluminum Against Oxidation, Tarnish, UV, Corrosion, Salt Spray, Road Film, Acid Rain
  • Keeps Your Aluminum Boats Looking Shiny & New
  • Environment Safe - Water Based - Low VOC's
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. Alumetron is not an anti-fouling. It will help because it fills in the fissures in the aluminum which makes it harder for the algae to attach. The product that you want is VS721.

    Alumetron is a clear, direct to metal, protective coating that bonds chemically to aluminum to prevent staining and oxidation. It will keep your pontoons looking new all summer long, but by itself, it will not prevent fouling.

    After you remove the growth with Algex, brighten the pontoons with Alumabrite, then clean and prep them with Boat Clean Plus. They should look new by now.

    Apply several coats of Alumetron by wiping it on with a cloth and let it thoroughly cure for 4 days. Now you can apply 2 coats of VS721 below the waterline. VS721 is so slippery that it’s difficult for anything to stick. If you get some slime, just running the boat will knock it off or you can wipe it clean with a sponge if required. You may have some slime at the end of the season but it will wash off with a sponge and a bit of Boat Clean Plus.

    VS721 will also give you an increase in speed and reduce your fuel consumption.

  • Boat Clean Plus is a free rinsing cleaner and degreaser that effectively removes pollutants, even those that you can't see, and rinses off completely with out leaving a residue like many other cleaners do. We recommend its use before using Alumabrite to insure even penetration which eliminates streaking and also before applying Alumetron to make sure that there are no remaining pollutants that could inhibit a durable bond.

    It's an extra step and adds a small cost and is not always necessary but compared to fixing a streaky surface or having to remove the Alumetron and start again or patch it, because it didn't bond in spots is well worth it. "Better Safe than Sorry" really applies in this case. The only time we get emails asking for help is when someone took a shortcut and needs to fix the mess.

  • Yes you can paint over Alumetron with a water based latex paint. For added protection, you can then overcoat the paint with a couple of coats of Alumetron. Because of its chemical bonding properties, Alumetron makes an excellent aluminum primer for water based paint.

  • Yes, fall and winter is an excellent time to brighten, restore and protect your pontoons. That way you’ll be ready to launch in the spring, rather than rushing around trying to get everything done to get your boat ready. A lot of dealers are now offering to restore and protect their customer’s boats with Alumetron.

    First you need to get the rest of the marine growth off your pontoons. (See Getting Under the Trailer Bunks to Clean the Boat Bottom / Bottom Cleaning & Protecting / Ask the Skipper for instructions on how to lift your boat off the trailer). Use Algex to clean the growth off. No scrubbing. Just spray it on, wait ½ hour and rinse clean. Next brighten the pontoons by spraying Alumabrite on the pontoons and rinsing clean. This will take about 5 to 10 minutes per pontoon. After you need to wash and degrease the aluminum with Boat Clean Plus, rinse and allow to dry. You can now wipe on 2 or 3 coats of Alumetron and let cure for a few days. The last step is applying one coat of VS721 below the waterline and wiping off the haze. Shouldn’t take you more than an hour or so.

    This will protect your pontoons against oxidation and staining over the winter. Before you launch, put on a 2nd coat of VS721 and you’re ready to launch.

    You will need to wash the bottom every fall and reapply 2 coats of VS721 every year but the Alumetron should last you 5 years or more.

For More Information
For More Information Ask The Skipper


• COVERAGE: 250sq. ft. ONE COAT (16oz bottle), 2000sq. ft. ONE COAT (1US Gal Jug)

ALUMETRON® is an easy to apply clear polymer coating that bonds chemically and mechanically to aluminum for a smooth, durable, protective finish that resists environmental damage and attachment of dirt. It keeps your aluminum looking shiny and new all season even with constant water immersion.



New Aluminum: Clean & degrease aluminum. Wet aluminum with water, spray BOAT CLEAN PLUS® onto surface andwash with a MARINE POWER MITT®, cloth, sponge, or pressure washer. Hot water improves cleaning. Rinse and dry.

Fouled Aluminum: Remove fouling from aluminum with ALGEX®. Clean & degrease as above.

Tarnished Aluminum: Remove oxidation and stains with ALUMABRITE CBX®. Clean & degrease as above.

450ml / 16oz- 250 ft²
3.8L / 1US gal – 2,000 ft²

APPLICATION: Surface must be clean and dry.
WIPE: Apply 4 thin coats ALUMETRON®. Wipe on with a lint free cloth pad, in long, even, overlapping strokes. Do not overwork application or bubbles and streaking will result.

CURE TIME at 77°F – 50% R.H.:
• To touch 10 min.
• To recoat 20 min.
• To light service 8 hrs.
• To full cure 48 hrs.
• To water immersion 96 hrs.
• To application of VS721 96 hrs.
15°C – 35°C
60°F – 95°F

<80% RH<

CLEAN UP: Soap & Water. Cured ALUMETRON®  can be removed with lacquer thinners.

DAMAGE REPAIR: Repair scratched or abraded surface by cleaning damaged area as above and apply 4 thin coats of ALUMETRON® with a folded cloth pad.

WATER IMMERSION: To protect surfaces that will be continuously submerged, apply 2 coats VS721 BOTTOM COAT® to fully cured areas below the waterline. Coating the entire hull or pontoon with VS721® reduces abrasion damage, makes cleaning and maintenance easier, reduces salt attachment and increased durability and longevity.

SAFETY: Wear safety glasses and protect skin from excessive exposure. If splashed in eyes, rinse with water for 10 minutes. If on skin, wash with soap and water.

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  • Catalog No: 01260
  • Individual Unit: 450 ml
  • Shipping Weight: 1.21 lb
  • Case Volume: 12 X 450 ml
  • Case Weight: 14.5 lb (6.58 kg)
  • Case Dimensions: 7.8"L x 10.3"W x 8"H

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